**BOOKED until January 2020! Not accepting new orders at this time. Please check back for updates**

Featured in USA Today Travel’s “Shark Week Sweets & Drinks”….


Winter is here and with it some of your favorite seasonal flavors!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Pistachio Cranberry

Holiday Spice

**Booked until January 2020, not accepting new orders until further notice**


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Looking for an order and delivery for Thursday 2/15 to Marquette Mi northern Michigan university. Could it be done?
    The happy Birthday cake pops, vanilla cake – like the photo you have on line.


  2. Hi megan! You are extremely talented, have you done any fox related or woodland themed cake pops cupcakes or cookies? And it looks like I could be short notice but I have a baby shower I’m hosting in 12 days and Cake Pop sounded better than cake itself!


  3. Megan is fantastic and extremely talented. She provided a cake pop tower, small cake and individual Mickey & Minnie pops for my wedding this past weekend. I highly recommend her. We selected chocolate, vanilla, strawberry shortcake and chocolate caramel pops. They were very moist and had excellent flavor. The fondant coating had great taste and the flower decorations were beautiful. I will continue to use her for any future events!

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  4. Ms. Megan is extremely talented women; her art work is off the charts and the cake taste delicious as well; a lot of bakers can do good with one thing and other falls flat; BUT NOT HER!! 10’s!! All across the board


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